License partnership
Marketing and distribution

FARMALAIN is a recognized expert and your reliable partner in licensing and promotion of pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals. We provide a full range of registration, distribution and promotion services.

We create workable drug promotion strategies based on in-depth market analysis, including physician prescribing audits, detailed competitor research and end-user preference studies. We develop packaging design, promotional materials for physicians and consumers, websites, and conduct a full range of activities to promote products to both healthcare professionals and end consumers.

Key activities:

✓ Visits of medical representatives to physicians and pharmacists with full accountability

✓ Participation in medical forums and congresses, organization of own seminars and webinars for doctors

✓ Email marketing (mailings to our own database of doctors)

✓ Working with opinion leaders and creating clinical cases

✓ Publications and advertising in specialized publications and social networks

✓ Educational events (in our own training center) for direct promotion among doctors and patients.

Why us?

We are chosen for our in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical market, long-standing partnerships with distributors, pharmacy chains, online pharmacies, marketplaces, optimal logistics solutions and effective business strategies with ethical standards.

Our team:

FARMALAIN is a team of experienced marketers, its own staff of medical representatives, a division for work with pharmacy chains and marketplaces, a department for the development of educational projects and promotion in social networks.

Our mission:

To help people be healthy and happy by providing access to new quality medicines and parapharmaceutical products.

Our projects:

In 2019, Farmalain started to introduce the preparations of Spanish Pharmaceutical Laboratory Catalysis to the Russian market, having prepared a package of authorization documentation for import and sales in our country.

By 2023, Cicatrix, Alopel, Granex, BlueCap from Catalysis are successfully sold on major marketplaces and in online pharmacies, as well as offline in pharmacy chains.

Thanks to educational projects, constant participation in medical congresses and the work of a team of medical representatives, the medicines are known and actively used in their practice by dermatologists, trichologists and pediatricians.