Regenerating cream that normalizes skin healing processes

The secret of the effectiveness of CICATRIX Cream lies in its unique composition and production technology.

CICATRIX cream is a multi-component product containing a complex of silicone and plant components with an enhanced molecular formula that increases their biological activity many times over. Provides proper epithelialization and restoration without scars and scars, and also promotes:

✓ Healing of damaged skin without excessive formation of scar tissue

✓ Reduction in size and smoothing of already formed scars and scars

✓ Normalization of skin color in the area of scars and scars

✓ Increasing the elasticity of the scar tissue

✓ Intensive moisturizing and getting rid of the feeling of discomfort (tightness, dryness, itching) in the area of the scar.

CICATRIX cream has been tested in international clinical trials, including studies investigating efficacy and safety in pediatric practice.

Experts in regenerative medicine confirm that multi-component Cicatrix Cream is more effective than mono-component products, as it acts on different parts of the scar formation process.

It is recommended as a safe remedy for the treatment of scars and scars, including in infants.

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Form of issue: 30 ml

Manufacturer: Catalysis. S.L

Weight: 116 g (with packaging)