The product "Spermatrend" is used as a biologically active food supplement for men.
Spermatrend capsules are a natural biocomplex for preserving and improving male health. Thanks to a special vitamin and microelement composition and Pygeum Africanum extract, SPERMATREND has a complex effect on the male body and can be used for: BPH (prostate adenoma), prostatitis, to improve potency and spermatogenesis. The product is produced using a high-tech method of molecular activation, which allows to increase the biological activity of its components.
✓ Has a complex action on the genitourinary system in men
✓ Effectiveness confirmed in clinical trials
✓ The package is designed for a course of intake.- It has a complex action on the genitourinary system in men.
✓ Efficacy confirmed in clinical trials

Manufacturer: Catalysis. S.L