Waterproof protective flexible flexible spray dressing
AKUTOL spray is used for quick treatment of small abrasions and superficial wounds. It covers the wound with an elastic film, preventing the penetration of foreign substances from the external environment and allowing the skin to breathe. Waterproof dressing prevents evaporation of moisture from the skin. Replaces Band-Aids, can be used for wounds larger than a regular Band-Aid.
Benefits of Acutol:
✓ Prevents access of foreign matter but does not interfere with breathability.
✓ Suitable for extensive injuries.
✓ Practical, hygienic spray, dries within 3 minutes.
✓ Prevents access of foreign substances, but does not impede breathability.
The film reliably protects the damaged area from contamination. The sufficient density and elasticity of the coating protects the wound from secondary microbial contamination and re-traumatization. The primary microflora remaining under the coating can be dealt with by the organism on its own. Good adhesive ability in relation to healthy skin, its impermeability to microorganisms and water accelerate the healing process, reducing the healing time by 1.5-2 times. The dressing is waterproof, and therefore it is possible to carry out hygienic procedures without fear of damaging the wound. Air permeability and water resistance of the coating on the outer side makes it convenient for treatment, helps to eliminate the so-called greenhouse effect on the wound surface under the film, while allowing the skin to breathe.

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Form of issue: Cylinder 60 ml

Manufacturer: Czech